Finn Bálor Is Reportedly Taking ‘Time Off’ From WWE Next Month


If you thought it was strange to see Intercontinental Champion Finn Bálor more or less disappear from television completely , reappear just to lose an unannounced title match to Shinsuke Nakamura on the Extreme Rules kickoff show, get defeated by Samoa Joe in under 90 seconds, and then eaten alive by the re-debuting Fiend, you certainly aren’t alone. A lot of fans have been speculating that he might turn heel to join the recently reunited Club with AJ Styles and the Good Brothers, since he was a founder of the Bullet Club in New Japan. Now reports have emerged that take things in a completely different direction.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Finn Bálor has asked WWE for two months off, and they’ve granted his request. There’s no official reason given, although a source told PWS that Finn just wants to “recharge.” His leave is supposed to begin some time in August, and most likely that means he’ll be gone after SummerSlam.

Given all that, it seems like that Finn will get destroyed by Bray Wyatt in a match at SummerSlam, which will help put the Fiend over as powerful and scary. Then if he comes back in two months it will be late October, which would be the perfect time for a Fiend versus Demon rematch, if that’s the way they want to go (but please, no pumpkin facepaint).