Watch Finn Bálor Make A Surprise Return To NXT

With AEW Dynamite making its debut over on TNT, WWE NXT needed a big moment to open their first (completely) two-hour live edition on the USA Network. What they got was an NXT Championship match followed by the return of a former NXT Champion the brand hasn’t seen in years.

Finn Bálor returned to the black and yellow brand for the first time outside of a random in-crowd waving appearance since July 30 of 2016. You can watch the return below, and go through all the modern NXT dream matches he could (and should) be having in your head. Please do not mention The Fiend around him.

Finn interrupted champion Adam Cole following his victory over Matt Riddle, announcing that, at least for now, he’s NXT. He’s setting his sights on the company’s top prize again right away, which makes sense, as Finn once held the NXT Championship for 292 days. That’s still the longest single reign for an NXT Champion, and even beats anyone else’s combined days held. We’re guessing Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era’s “prophecy” didn’t involve demons.

Who would you like to see Finn Bálor face in the new era of NXT? Let us know in the comments section below.