Finn Bálor May Need Surgery After Injuring His Shoulder At SummerSlam

Holy crap, what is in the water in Brooklyn? WWE has been camped out at the Barclays Center all weekend for SummerSlam and the surrounding events, and there must’ve been a curse on the building as a slew of WWE Superstars were injured over the past 48 hours. To whit: Randy Orton’s head was split open by Brock Lesnar; Samoa Joe had his jaw dislocated by Shinsuke Nakamura; Sasha Banks’ back injury flared up during her match with Charlotte. But here’s the worst news of them all.

Finn Bálor — yes, the same guy who just debuted in WWE only a few short weeks ago and has already been crowned WWE’s first-ever Universal Champion — has a potentially serious injury, reports. The Irishman dislocated his right shoulder during his match with Seth Rollins, specifically when Rollins powerbombed Bálor into the ringside barricade mid-match. Bálor popped his shoulder back into place and continued the match, a portion of which is below.

WWE physician Dr. Chris Robinson confirms the injury and says an MRI revealed a possible labrum tear, which could need surgery depending on its severity. Torn labrums are an especially frequent injury in the NBA; it’s what took Kevin Love out of the 2015 NBA playoffs and set him on a six-month road to recovery. Given Bálor’s coronation at SummerSlam last night, we sincerely hope he does not require surgery and can continue to defend the Universal Championship as needed.