Here’s Finn Bálor’s Utterly Charming Response To An NXT Fan’s Wedding Invitation

Reddit user “therodfather” sent out 100 invitations to various celebrities for their upcoming nuptials in October. After some confusion over who the signature belonged to, (which is fine, signatures are as indecipherable as Magic Eye puzzles to me) (no I still can’t do those stop judging me), r/squaredcircle was quick to decipher that the response was from current WWE NXT Champion Finn Bálor:

The sad face my HEART

To be fair, Bálor probably felt bad as he would only be allowed a plus one, because I’m pretty sure he’d have to RSVP for every ab. But hey, maybe the bride can enter the wedding reception on the shoulders of Bad Luck Fale as a tribute. Either way, we wish all the best to Sarah Crews and Rod Hayes on their special day, with or without an NXT champ in attendance.