Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle Finally Weighed In On The Vaccination Debate

If you’re friends with literally anybody on social media, you’ve heard about the heated debate between anti-vaccination activists and people who don’t want their kids to contract horrible diseases. There’s an argument to be made for a parent’s right to choose how to raise and protect their children, and another concurrent one about being so rich and white you assume you’re a scientist.

Anyway, all previous discussion about vaccinations is moot because the authoritative voice in that field of study has spoken up: Candice Michelle. You may remember her from her GoDaddy commercials, or from her WWE run where she carried a magic wand to the ring so announcers could make jokes about how the wand was their dick. She is apparently an expert on what chemicals can do to your body, something she no doubt learned on the set of films like Beautiful Chloroformed Girls and its sequel, Back To The Chloro Again!

… it goes on like this for a while.

In addition to the general rant, she’s taking the two top anti-vaxxer stances:

1. assuming she is the only person who has ever done research

2. revealing that SHE did the research using Google. Which makes her a scientist.

Bonus points for accidentally saying that science isn’t science. To put what she’s trying to say in terms you’d understand, here’s what happens if you get vaccinated:

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s good that we’ve got our retired, mid-2000s WWE Divas picking sides in important debates. We should find Ashley Massaro somewhere and ask her what she thinks about the Keystone Pipeline.