A Former WWE Superstar Was Just Announced For AEW Double Or Nothing


All Elite Wrestling started promoting the Casino Battle Royal for Double or Nothing‘s pre-show, The Buy In, on Twitter today with a series of short videos. In the videos, wrestlers are dealt a card that seems to tell them when they will enter the battle royal. After Georgia indie wrestler Sunny Daze and WCW’s Glacier got their cards, it was revealed that a previously unannounced competitor who previously worked for WWE would be in the match and that he would enter it at exactly the time everyone would want him to.

Yes, as you can see above, Shawn Spears aka Tye Dillinger is all in for Double or Nothing and it looks like he will be entering the Casino Battle Royal tenth. As one former WWE superstar exits this PPV, another enters, just ten days (holy shit) before he debuts for Beyond on the tenth episode (OH MY GOD) of their Uncharted Territory series. Given his friendship with Cody, it isn’t too surprising to see Spears in AEW.

This raises a question about how the format of this battle royal will play out. On the May 6 episode of Being The Elite, it was explained that the Casino Battle Royal would have some unique rules. One of them is that wrestlers will enter in waves of five (except for the last man), but since we’re seeing people get individual entry numbers, I’m guessing they’ll at least get a moment to be presented on their own before entering the ring.

Will Spears entering within a wave decrease the volume of the “ten!” chants? I doubt it! Some people really love the “ten!” chants!