A Fox Exec Promised They’ll Inject New Life Into WWE


WWE Smackdown’s big Friday night premiere on Fox TV is fast approaching. October 4 may seem far way, but think about how compare that to how long it’s been since we first learned of the move in May 2018. In the meantime, a lot of details have emerged regarding things like Fox’s new Smackdown logo, and WWE’s plan to re-split the rosters so that each channel has its own WWE stars. However, the other thing that’s happened since last may is a general downtown in WWE’s viewership and reputation. Many have speculated on what discussions must be going on at Fox about that problem.

Fox Sports Senior VP of Sales Mark Evans gave an interview to the Big Lead, in which he talked about Fox’s evolving role as one of the main sources for sports on television. When asked directly if WWE’s sinking ratings are going to be a problem for Fox, he insisted that his company will turn them around.

We feel how we’re going to present and how we’re going to promote the WWE is going to inject it with such a new life. It’s going to be a home run for us.

Now obviously Evans is a sales guy and that’s the kind of answer you’d expect him to give. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how Fox’s outward positivity translates into action when it comes time to actually win viewers to Smackdown.