A Fox Sports Host Briefly Held The WWE 24/7 Championship


With barely more than six weeks left until Smackdown Live debuts on Fox TV, promotion has begun and WWE is already being welcomed into the Fox Sports family, with an eye toward cross-promoting. For example, 24/7 Champion Elias made an appearance at Fox Sports’ Founder’s Day celebration this weekend, and of course R-Truth showed up to win back the 24/7 Championship. Drake Maverick was also there, but as usual he had less luck than Truth.

But that was far from the end of the story. Later, R-Truth found his way into the Fox Sports studio, where he encountered a group of hosts and analysts from the network. After R-Truth conveniently tripped and fell Fox’s own Rob Stone turned on him and pinned him to become the first WWE 24/7 Champion who’s not a current or former WWE Superstar. His celebration was short lived, however, as Elias appeared to roll him up and win back the title.

This is exactly the sort of thing WWE should be doing with the 24/7 Championship. It’s a silly comedy title anyway, so there’s no reason a guy like Rob Stone can’t hold it for a minute. If this belt isn’t changing hands on social media far away from WWE events, I’m not entirely sure what the real point of it is.