Friday Conversation: What Popular And/Or Beloved Pro Wrestler Do You Just Not Get?

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08.08.14 273 Comments
Punk Cena WWE Raw

I yanked the concept from Warming Glow, I might as well yank one of their topic ideas, too.

Last Friday we talked about which pro wrestlers were our all-time favorites. This week, we’ll veer into dangerous territory by flipping the question around: which popular and/or beloved pro wrestler do you just not “get?”

It’s not to say that that wrestler is BAD, necessarily, you just don’t understand why everyone in the world seems to adore them. I’ll start us off with an answer that is sure to infuriate any old school WWF fans hoping to drop a comment below …



Demolition. I know, I know.

For anyone unfamiliar with my Demolition beef, I grew up an NWA kid. I’d had the Road Warriors (“The Legion Of Doom” to you WWF kids) for YEARS before Demolition showed up. Demolition were the smaller, slower, weaker, fatter, older Road Warriors. Instead of shoulderpads with giant spikes and plain black tights, Demolition wore S&M gear. They looked like wrestling Village People. I’m not sure I’ve ever given a Demolition match a fair shake because of it. They are Mello Yello. They are the Go-Bots.

I’m interested to hear counter-arguments from you. That’s the point of things, right? Conversation. If somebody doesn’t get a wrestler you love, try to explain your position. Throw out a counterpoint, even if it’s “I LIKE fat old men in bondage!” And for God’s sakes, folks, be nice to each other down there.

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