Friday Wrestling Conversation: What’s The Saddest (Or Maddest) You’ve Ever Been About Pro Wrestling?

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08.22.14 179 Comments
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Today’s Friday Conversation is one to get you in the proper, somber mood for the weekend: what’s the saddest or maddest (or both) you’ve ever been at a pro wrestling show?

I’d like to keep it kayfabe, but if you want to branch out into how mad you’ve been about This Business or something related to it — death, hirings, firings, whatever — go for it. My answer to “what’s the maddest you’ve ever been” is easy. Everything after the first 20 seconds of WrestleMania 28. I can’t even remember being there now. It feels like a bad dream I had when I was a kid.

As for the saddest, that’s a little more interesting.

Brock Lesnar botching the shooting star press. It’s a weird answer, I know. When Brock first came up I kept up with OVW (because I’ve always been a homer for developmental) and followed his development alongside Shelton Benjamin in the Minnesota Stretching Crew. Brock could do a shooting star press, and it was the most massive, unbelievable thing in the world. Here it is, if you’ve never seen it:

When he got brought up, I waited for it. He didn’t do it. He started getting bigger matches. He still didn’t do it. I got worried he’d NEVER do it, but then he got a WWE Championship match against The Rock at SummerSlam. He’s GOTTA do it here. Still … nothing. Time goes by and I start to lose hope, but then he’s in the WrestleMania main-event against Kurt Angle, Angle’s down, and he sloooowly starts climbing the ropes.

It was everything I’d waited for. The biggest, most awe-inspiring moment at the biggest possible show. Main event of WrestleMania. Kurt Angle. Every eye in the world on the ring. Dude goes up, turns about 3/4 of the way around and lands on his face. The legacy is now not “Brock Lesnar did a shooting star press and we’ll never forget it,” it’s “hey, remember when stupid Brock Lesnar went for a shooting star press and almost killed himself?” The death of anticipation can be the worst thing.

So let’s hear yours. What’s the maddest you’ve been? The saddest? Let us know below, and share this around so everyone you know can wallow in regret and sadness.

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