Friday Wrestling Conversation: Share Your Best ‘I Met A Wrestler’ Stories

This week’s Friday Wrestling Conversation question in a longer, less headline-friendly phrasing: What is your favorite, least-favorite or most memorable stories of meeting professional wrestlers? It can be anything. Important, casual, AJ Styles inviting you into his hotel room to watch Crash and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, anything.

Here are a few to get us started. All true stories.

– Once when I was a little kid, Jimmy ‘Boogie Woogie Man’ Valiant was signing autographs at a gas station opening in Danville, Virginia. Prestigious, I know. He drew a massive crowd somehow, and I ended up waiting in the cold rain for about three hours before I could get in. When I got up to the table, Valiant signed a piece of paper and silently slid it to the right. He never made a sound or looked up. I assume this was the inspiration for Eminem’s hit song ‘Stan.’

– El Dandy once refused to take a picture with me, but stopped to take one with my girlfriend because she was hot. And by “take a picture” I mean “put his arm around her and basically jammed his head into her boobs.” I thought badly of him for a while, but who am I to doubt El Dandy?

– The above picture. Me and Davis Shoemaker decide to go in halfsies on a New Age Outlaws photo. Road Dogg asks us if we’re the guys from the Black Keys. Oh, Road Dogg.

Share yours below. I’m excited for you (or sorry) in advance.