Friday Wrestling Conversation: What Do You Want From This Year’s WrestleMania?

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02.27.15 167 Comments
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WrestleMania 31 happens in 30 days. The card’s already got a few big matches on it — an Intercontinental Championship ladder match, the second annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Sting’s first and possibly only WWE match and the Roman Reigns Coronation Ceremony — with more on the way. Goldust will probably wrestle Stardust, Bray Wyatt will (eventually) take on the Undertaker, someone with Give The Divas A Chance, and so on.

This week’s Friday Wrestling Conversation question is an attempt to cut through the analysis and the negativity and ask a simple question: What do you want from this year’s WrestleMania? What would make you happy?

I’m interested to hear what you have to say. It could be as simple as “I want this guy to wrestle this guy and for this to happen,” or as complex as “wrestling needs to fundamentally change and here’s how.” Let’s talk amongst ourselves and figure out exactly what needs to happen for the night after WrestleMania 31 to feel good. WWE hasn’t felt good in a while. What do we do?

Your only rules:

1. Explain your point. If you just want to copy and paste over a fantasy booked card you wrote up on a forum somewhere two months ago that’s cool, but we’d really love to hear why you put it together like you did.

2. Discuss! If you read a person’s thoughts or idea and have something to say, say it. We’re a good bunch here, even if we occasionally infuriate the entire internet.

3. Keep it civil.

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