Friday Wrestling Conversation: What’s The Worst Match You’ve Ever Seen?

This week’s Friday Wrestling Conversation question should produce some heated answers: what’s the worst professional wrestling match you’ve ever seen?

Anything goes. Stuff you’ve seen on TV, stuff you’ve seen locally, matches that aren’t necessarily the objective “worst” but are your least favorite for some reason … if a match pisses you off just thinking about it, share it with us in the comments section below. If you’ve seen someone’s choice, let them know if you agree or disagree. If you haven’t, try watching it. It’s a miserable way to spend an afternoon, and Night of Champions on Sunday night will seem amazing.

My choice: Jenna Morasca (yes, the one from Survivor) vs. Sharmell. Yes, Booker T’s wife.

It happened at TNA Victory Road 2009. It’s the most abysmal three months you’ll ever spend watching a 10-minute wrestling match. The strikes are so bad they made it into the Botchamania intro, the pin happens via a VAGINA PRESS and the highspot of the match (“highspot”) is the lowest high crossbody you’ve ever seen in your life. I’ve seen chop blocks get more air.

Watch it, soak it in, never forget it. It might not be the worst match I’ve ever seen, but it’s the one that pops into my head first.

How about you?