Friday Wrestling Conversation: Which Era Of The Undertaker’s Career Is Your Favorite?

The Undertaker is the most enduring character in all of pro wrestling. That’s just a fact. When you talk to people who watched wrestling in their youth, but gave it up somewhere along the way, they will invariably ask, “Is The Undertaker still wrestling?” We can’t believe in Roman Reigns because we’re told to, but if Undie showed up on Sunday, exercised the demon inhabiting Bray Wyatt from his body and banished it to the underworld, we’d shrug because that seems about right. He’s a cartoon wrestler in a period of time where realism is the demand, but we still cling to him for dear life. He’s gone through what feels like a million iterations, and any Undertaker fan is more than happy to say which one is the best.

So… which one is the best to you?

Anyone who knows me understands that I get amped up for 1994 Undertaker. It was such a weird period of time for WWE, hovering somewhere between a glimpse of the future and an out of control dumpster fire. But it was still dumb and cartoony, and most importantly, it had the Yokozuna/Undertaker casket match at the ’94 Royal Rumble. If you ever want to see me get so excited that I can’t contain myself, this is it. It’s everything young Danielle loved about wrestling. It’s also everything that was dangerous and alluring to a young kid who loved Yokozuna more than any other wrestler, but was raised in a super religious household where any mention of the paranormal was beyond taboo. I mean, look at this:

The Undertaker scared the biggest scary guy who would literally try to crush you to death with his own body.

I love the promo before the match, where Paul Bearer is talking while Undie’s just casually making a coffin like it ain’t a thing. It’s not even a great match, but goddamn if it isn’t one of the most important and beloved things in my entire wrestling fandom. I love Undie’s dumb crinkle-cut sleeves and his dopey ginger beard. His hat is great, his spats are great, and here I am — 21 years later — feeling just as wide-eyed and full of wonder as I was the first time I saw him. It doesn’t matter what he does, he’s just cool. No matter what, we believe it. That’s a goddamn legacy, man.

So, what about you guys? I’ve seen so many people hopeful that this is the return of Biker Taker, and it seems like a popular choice, but is it? We wanna know! Tell us in the comments about when you loved The Undertaker the most, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that some candid shots of him and Mrs. Laycool in an Old Navy come across the wire.