Friday Wrestling Conversation: Which Wrestling Breakup Affected You The Most?

It’s been a bad year for wrestling breakups. Goldust and Stardust broke apart, The Miz and Mizdow came to confusing anti-climactic blows and now rumors are spreading about an Americanized Lana ditching Rusev to become the female face of WWE. Wrestling breakups can be hard.

So, that’s this week’s Friday Wrestling Conversation question: Which wrestling breakup affected you the most?

It can be a tag team breakup, a valet or manager leaving their client, a major storyline change because of someone leaving (or dying, in some cases), whatever. Whichever moment a pro wrestling relationship ended got to you the most, we want to hear about it.

Mine’s an easy one, if you’re a regular reader:

It makes me feel even worse watching it now, knowing what’s become of Reigns and Ambrose. The guaranteed “good match” of any show or pay-per-view and the coolest WWE faction in years — possibly ever — breaks up because they’d “run their course.” Which is total bullcrap because their “course” should’ve involved being best friends and winning great matches as a badass swat trio from hell for the next 20 years. The person you hear yelling NOOOOOO just before Rollins swings the chair? That’s my heart.

So, what’s yours? If it’s The Shield breakup (and it should be), let’s just talk about that all weekend. Consider this a support group.