Friday Wrestling Conversation: Who Do You Wish Could Walk Out Of Survivor Series As Champion?

With Survivor Series just around the corner, we’re just a few days away from someone walking out of the pay-per-view as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. With Seth Rollins out of action for what’s probably going to feel like forever, WWE was forced into a creative shift. This led to a 16-man tournament that will culminate at Sunday’s event.

As of right now, the odds are good that Roman Reigns will beat Del Rio and whoever wins between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens. One of these four men will get to carry that belt, but what do you think? Do you wish this would have shaken out differently?

Like anyone with a pulse who has seen Cesaro wrestle, I would love nothing more than him walking around with that championship belt. Taking it for coffee. Wearing it while he deadlifts 17 Mitsubishi Outlanders stacked on top of one another (you know he could, don’t act like he couldn’t). He’s smart, he has a fundamental understanding of wrestling that most people in WWE (or anywhere) could only dream of, and his actual wrestling instantly turns me into one of the Bimbettes:


I readily admit that he might not be quite there yet for the breadth of the WWE Universe, and we won’t see him win anything anytime soon, but goddamn I want it. This is where we can say what we want and what I want is that.

What about you guys? Would you have loved Daniel Bryan as a surprise entrant in the tournament? Are you still pulling for a massive Kevin Owens upset? Do you want Dean Ambrose to take it all because SHIELD FEELINGS? Do you want to go full-on impossible dream and say Sasha Banks? You can say Sasha Banks, it’s totally fine. Let us know in the comment section!