Game of Thrones, Super Mario, And More Pop-Culture Characters Meet Pro-Wrestling In This Amazing Crossover Art

While Stockton-based artist Ramon Villalobos is currently sneaking cravates into the adventures of the Yong Avengers in Marvel’s Original Sin series, he can also be found creating incredible mash-ups of your favourite pop culture characters and professional wrestling.

Villalobos cites his influences as Frank Quitely, Rafael Grampa, Will Eisner, and Jaime Hernandez. When asked about his favourite wrestler, his response was “A tough question, for sure. I guess maybe Brie Bella. She’s killing the game right now.”

Ramon Villalobos is a treasure. Find out more about his art (including where to purchase) here. Click through the gallery for more of his incredible pro-wrestling pieces.

Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion applies a Scorpion Armlock.

Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of the Dragon Sleeper

Freddy Krueger’s Sleeper Hold

Orion applies a wristlock to Kalibak.

Says Villalobos: “Like my Orion/Kalibak drawing, I wanted to tap into that late 70s, early 80s grimy masculine energy in pro wrestling because Mario was a guy that fought a gorilla with nothing but a hammer and a mustache. That’s hardcore, I don’t care how adorable he ended up being.”

Wonder Woman doing a high-angle Boston Crab is my favourite Wonder Woman.

Similarly, Aquaman doing an Octopus Stretch might be the only time I’ve ever enjoyed Aquaman.

Thor stretches out Loki with a Lightning Lock Delta.

The Dark Knight does not wear hockey pants, also does not tap.

The Green Bastard, Sunnyvale Trailer Park’s greatest grappler from Parts Unknown, applies the Indian Deathlock Cobra Twist.

“Rob Liefeld Strong Style”

CM Punk

The Rhodes Dynasty

MexiCanada’s Favourite Son, El Generico