This Georgia Woman Took A Match Way Too Seriously And Pulled Her Gun On A Wrestler

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In a story that shockingly does not start out with “Florida resident,” a woman named Patricia Anne Crowe decided to involve herself in her local wrestling show by pulling a gun on one of the performers. The incident took place at an AWF show in Ringgold, Georgia┬áduring a match between an ersatz Ric Flair and someone named “Iron Mann,” because this story somehow needed another wonderful and hilarious detail.

Wrestler Paul “The Nature Boy” Lee explains what happened during his match:

I had him tied up and was beating on him, and this lady jumps up with a knife, cuts him loose, and then pulled a loaded gun on me. She had that thing loaded with one in the chamber and the safety off. All it would have taken was for her to get shaky with that thing and it could have fired.

Lee told Crowe to “sit her toothless self back down” after she attempted to free his opponent, which then prompted her to get her gun. Crowe admits that her temper got the best of her when Lee was “talking mean” to her. After being arrested for aggravated assault, she was released on a $4,000 bond early Monday morning.