Global Force Wrestling Might Be Changing Its Name To Impact … Again

Hold onto your hats, because this just might be the least surprising turn of events ever. The instant — just the absolute instant — we finally got used to referring to the former TNA as “Global Force Wrestling,” it looks like that whole name change thing might be out the window entirely.

The Global Force/TNA merger in the wake of the company’s sale to Anthem had been reported on and announced, but it may not have ever become legally official. That didn’t stop the promotion from branding its weekly POP TV show as GFW, and it didn’t stop them from making all-new championship belts — for all the titles in the company — using the Global Force branding.

But Jeff Jarrett, the Chief Creative Officer of the company, and possibly still the rights-holder to the GFW name and brand, has been not-officially-but-officially ousted from … whatever the name of the place is at the moment, and he might have been told to take his company’s name with him. Or maybe he took his ball and ran with it.

As first noted by PWInsider, Anthem Sports put out a couple of press releases about Impact Wrestling (the show) on Monday, and nowhere in the press releases was the wrestling promotion referred to as “Global Force” or “GFW.” Anthem has not yet commented on the matter, but that’s a pretty telling sign.

After nearly 15 years of existence as TNA, the company’s legal name changed to Impact Ventures LLC in 2015. From that time until the sale to Anthem, the “TNA” name and brand was minimized, although those initials still appeared on the company’s title belts. Shortly after Jarrett was brought aboard following the sale to Anthem, it looked like the shift to the Global Force branding was a definite go, in part to try and eliminate some of that perceived TNA stigma.

So now we might have to get used to calling it Impact Wrestling again. We’ll have to wait and see, but for now it’s another day and another baffling business move for … whoever they are.