Jackie Tohn Talks To Us About ‘GLOW,’ Gilda Radner, And Her Bizarre Music Video

07.14.17 9 months ago 5 Comments


Netflix’s GLOW is already a critical and pop cultural hit, and pretty much every cast member seems poised to break out in a big way as a result of this amazingly well-crafted series. One of the most notable characters in the first few episodes of the series is Melrose, played by Jackie Tohn and seemingly modeled quite a bit after original G.L.O.W. Girl Hollywood.

Tohn is a former American Idol contestant and has some other huge projects lined up following GLOW. We got a chance to talk to her and pick her brain about the show, her first music video, and whether Melrose will play the keyboard in season two.


With Spandex: I wanted to know, first question, obvious question, did you watch the original G.L.O.W. while you were growing up?

Jackie Tohn: I think … I’m not 100 percent certain of the year … What year did the original G.L.O.W. come out? I was trying to look it up and I don’t see it on the clipboard.

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