8 Great: Things About Godiva, The Best Character From The Original GLOW


8 Great is our new, extremely original listicle series where we take a break from snark and negativity to focus on the positive and list eight of our favorite examples of something great from pro wrestling. Matches, performers, shows – whatever is helping us enjoy wrestling in a particular week, that’s what this feature is all about.

So far in the series we’ve covered great pro wrestling of the past and present as well as some of the most important performers in the industry, so for this week, I wanted to talk about something near and dear to my heart: the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling TV show.

Before it was prestige television heading into its third critically-acclaimed season on Netflix, G.L.O.W. (1986-1989) was a groundbreaking women’s pro wrestling show plus Hee-Haw-style Vaudevillian comedy, and it was the best. My favorite GLOW Girl was, and is still is, GODIVA, the “British Bombshell.” If you can’t guess from her name, her gimmick is that she’s naked and likes chocolate. It’s THE BEST.

Since not enough people know about how great Godiva was — a lot of people I meet outside of this wrestling vertical don’t even realize the Netflix version of the show is based on anything — I want to share with you the “bare facts” about why I love Godiva.

1. She Was A Beast In The Ring


In a world where a lot of the wrestlers weren’t great at actually wrestling and a lot of the matches are just people taking turns on offense, Godiva was a hoss. She had a size advantage over most of the girls, and used it to just generally obliterate most of them. Here she is straight up standing on Ninotchka’s throat and face, because she wanted to. If that’s not enough, here she is hurling Cheyenne Cher out of the ring like Cesaro and bringing her back in with a Bobby Lashley-ass stalling suplex.

THAT not enough? Hey, remember when Toshiaki Kawada dropped Mitsuharu Misawa on his head and everyone lost their minds about it for decades? Here’s Godiva, on G.L.O.W. dropping a Ganso Bomb on Lightning, over a decade before Kawada.


The opening rap advertised them as, “all champions in the ring,” but this one meant it.

2. Speaking Of Rapping, Godiva Can Rap