Goldberg Had A Doomed Conversation With Triple H About A Final WWE Run

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06.02.15 30 Comments


Everyone’s making a comeback run these days. Hulk Hogan wants a match at WrestleMania 32, The Rock might fight Triple H and Ric Flair says a cosmetic issue is the only thing keeping him away from the ring.

The latest star to make tentative plans is former World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Goldberg revealed that he recently had a conversation with Triple H about a final WWE run, and that he doesn’t think it’d go well.

The excerpt:

“I had a conversation with Paul [Levesque] recently and I said, ‘Listen, I’m willing to put everything aside. If you guys want to sit down and make some money and have some fun, then let’s do it. My son wants to see me wrestle, and I’m willing to put all the bad feelings aside. If you guys want to move forward and do this thing the right way, then let’s talk.’ And that’s the way it ended. There’s nothing there. Truthfully, I don’t even think they want me to come, period. I’m just not one of them. The fact that I’m not far outweighs the financial gain, which they truly may not even believe is there. And I’m good with that. I’m absolutely fine with that.”

If you’ll recall, Goldberg’s WWE run featured him winning the WWE’s version of the World Heavyweight Championship and pinning The Rock, but it also saw him get hit in the face with a sledgehammer a bunch and get one of the least pleasant sendoffs in company history in a match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX. For better or worse, it appears that Goldberg’s one of those stars who will officially stay retired, at least in terms of big leagues, televised wrestling.

An NXT run and a feud with Baron Corbin would be pretty hilarious, though.

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