Goldberg Pinned Hulk Hogan On Nitro 20 Years Ago Today

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.06.18 24 Comments


Every now and then we’ll hit you with a, “want to feel old?” WCW post, like mentioning how the Fingerpoke of Doom happened 19 years ago or the various New World Order formation anniversaries. Today — July 6, 2018 — marks an important one: Bill Goldberg defeated Hollywood Hogan in the Georgia Dome in front of the biggest crowd in Nitro history to become WCW World Heavyweight Champion. It happened 20 years ago. GATHER AROUND, GRANDCHILDREN, LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE MATCHES.

If you’ve never seen 27,000-ish people all chant “whoom” at the same time, you can check out a clip from the match below. It’s really insane to remember not only how over Goldberg was, but how important he felt to WCW fans sick of watching people stand still and talk about themselves for 20 minutes a pop.

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