Goldberg Has Not Had ‘Any Contact Whatsoever’ About Returning To WWE As A Wrestler

The internet erupted with joy earlier this month when it was revealed that Bill Goldberg would appear as a playable character for those who pre-ordered WWE 2K17. The reaction wasn’t so much, “Oh boy, I can finally Spear and Jackhammer the Social Outcasts just like I always wanted to!” but more of, “Wait a sec: The Ultimate Warrior was a special pre-order bonus for WWE 2K14 and then he ended up going into the WWE Hall of Fame, then Sting was a special pre-order bonus for WWE 2K15 and then he ended up actually wrestling at WrestleMania before going into the WWE Hall of Fame.” Clearly, there is a bit of a pattern developing. So to paraphrase the famous words of the man himself, is Goldberg next?

“No sir,” Goldberg says in a new interview with 411Mania, when asked if WWE had asked him to compete again. “I have not had any contact with them on that front whatsoever.” But just in case you think he’s being cagey, Goldberg makes it clear that no, his phone has not rang:

“WWE has not called me to be a part of any roster. My relationship with WWE stands with the video game and the video game only. If they want to extend an olive branch and pick up the phone, then I will make a comment on that once they do it. But prior to that, nothing’s been done.”

Of course, Goldberg recently told that he has “50 more matches” left in him, so it doesn’t appear for lack of interest on his part; but he also goes on to say that if he were to ever return, he’d look for a deal similar to that of Brock Lesnar, where he works a limited amount of dates.

“Something like that is the only thing I could even consider for many reasons. Let’s talk age. Let’s talk availability, and let’s talk desire. At the end of the day, [Hulk] Hogan always taught me that less is more. I don’t want to show up on anything week after week after week because it’s over-exposure. I think that if it presents itself, then it’s something that I’d consider.”

So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance …

(Via 411Mania)

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