Goldberg Says Brock Lesnar Is A Genius, Wants To Wrestle Him Again

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06.04.15 26 Comments

Can that not happen, and we say it did?

Former WCW and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg’s media tour continued on Wednesday, following a Sports Illustrated interview about his doomed prospects for a WWE return with a Rolling Stone piece discussing the same.

The Rolling Stone piece features an interesting tidbit about Brock Lesnar, and how Goldberg thinks he’s a “genius.” From the story:

“Brock and Ernest Miller are the only two [wrestlers] that I talk to since I left. I talk to Brock once [every] couple months. He’s a genius, but he’s a little younger than me, and he can tolerate a little more than I can. I refuse to do it. The one year that I [joined WWE], I’m so mad at myself for doing it, but I owed it to the fans to try it. I put myself on that platter and I got slaughtered. That’s how I feel, and I shouldn’t feel like that. I should think wrestling is the most positive thing in the world. The fact is, behind the scenes, there’s stuff that goes on that’s bush-league. It’s laughable. So to see a guy like Brock do what he’s doing, are you kidding me? I admire him whole-heartedly, and I like to think that I taught him a thing or two. I’d love to wrestle Brock again.”

As you may recall, Goldberg met Lesnar in a “battle of the bulls” at WrestleMania XX amidst rumors that both men were leaving the company. Instead of anything resembling a match, the two mostly stood around and trolled the crowd until Stone Cold Steve Austin gave them both Stunners. I’m not sure that’s the work of a genius, but Lesnar’s done the best pro wrestling work of his career over the past year and change, so you never know. Despite Goldberg saying there’s a date and a stadium show that’s just looking for the opponent, is the world clamoring for his return? Is Goldberg still relevant in today’s wrestling world? Is he the Avatar of wrestling?

All I’m saying is that if a rematch does eventually happen, Steve Austin better be the special guest referee.

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