Watch The Great Khali Return To WWE At Battleground, I Mean, If You Want To

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.23.17 7 Comments

If you were hoping WWE would bridge the gap between two generations of Punjabi Prison matches, congratulations. Former World Heavyweight Champion and Indian wrestling icon The Great Khali returned at WWE Battleground to cost Randy Orton the Prison match and the WWE Championship. Also, what’s wrong with you?

Jinder Mahal was able to escape the inner Punjabi Prison cage with help from the Singh Brothers, leaving Orton stranded. Orton managed to catch up, but the Singhs once again interfered, pulling Orton to the ground. Orton fought 3-on-1 for almost the entire match, but as he was about to win he faced a giant number 4 in the form of the “creator” of the structure. Khali shook the cage to knock Orton down, then ordered Mahal to climb over the cage and win the match.

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