Suck It, Performance Center: Video Now Exists Of The Great Khali’s Wrestling Academy

We here at With Spandex have tried our best to keep you up to date on The Great Khali’s Punjabi wrestling academy, because LOL, Great Khali is teaching people how to do pro wrestling. Do they replace your joints with billiard balls before or after you graduate?

I’ve always kinda suspected this wrestling academy didn’t actually exist, or was just a bunch of mattresses in Khali’s backyard, but nope, apparently it’s a real thing and we now have video to prove it. Sadly, ol’ Brain Chop U isn’t in a bamboo cage in the middle of the jungle, but Barcroft TV’s little video feature on the academy is still pretty charming.

As you might expect, Khali mostly “trains” his students by standing in the corner looking confused as they do moves he’s never even attempted. As for the students themselves, they’re a diverse crop. There’s one who appears to be about 12, a housewife-ish lady who looks to be pushing 40, and one white guy, who I think might be lost. But hey, whatever goes on at the academy seems to be working, because according to Khali three of his students have already signed to WWE for $2 million annual contracts. Who knew the mind of an Indian Hulk Hogan lay beneath that oddly-shaped skull?

Oh Vishnu, this man must be stopped.

(Via Barcroft TV)