The Green Ranger Is Going To Make A Pro Wrestling Appearance For Booker T

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For a few years now, Jason David Frank, the MMA fighter best known as the Green Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, has been weirdly tied to the world of pro wrestling. It’s mostly because he’s spent the past few years calling out former WWE Superstar CM Punk — to the point where Punk called Frank a “stalker.” Still, now that Punk is a full-time (?) MMA fighter, Frank is campaigning harder than ever for a legitimate fight between the two.

So given all this smacktalk history, and given the not-insignificant overlap between ’90s kids Power Rangers fans and pro wrestling fans, it’s a little strange that Frank has never taken the plunge into pro wrestling himself. He could be this generation’s Steve Blackman! (Jason David Frank is 10 years younger than Steve Blackman, for the record.)

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