Allow This Gentleman (And John Cena) To Show You How To Deal With A Phone Scam

04.11.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

When the name John Cena comes up, it brings with it a lot of weight and history, even for non-wrestling fans. While John Cena has become a staple within WWE over the last ten-plus years as the company’s top star, he’s also become sort of a meme thanks to his outrageous and utterly obnoxious theme music. At this point, John Cena is unavoidable, he is even hosting the upcoming Fox reality series American Grit starting on April 14. The only people who might not really understand what’s happening when they hear the horns blaring in John Cena’s bombastic theme music would be phone scammers. It’s always phone scammers, isn’t it?

In this video, YouTuber Nate Hartwig is in what appears to be a Sprint store, most likely working considering his business casual attire and talking to a guy on his speakerphone. This guy is claiming to be helping him against hackers, most likely trying to gather passwords, information or even money to help scam his unsuspecting victim. But this man was no victim, oh no, he had a plan.

After what the video description claims is a twenty-minute long conversation, the familiar first few chords of John Cena’s theme music blares over a bluetooth speaker, and the would-be-victim starts dancing around his desk and cuts a scathing promo on this scammer. It all ends in a rather low-key moment where the music is turned down and this dude literally tea-bags the phone and carefully explains, “My balls are on the phone right now. My balls are on your face, son.”

Somehow, some way, neither man hung up during this exchange. That, my friends, is how you handle a scammer. Also, kudos to the scammer for really not giving up after all of that. These two deserve each other.

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