Hannibal Buress Weighed In On WWE Payback, Live From The Front Row

One of the unexpected surprises of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s flagship Wrestle Kingdom show this year was the fact that Hannibal Buress, who just so happened to be in Tokyo that day, ended up live-tweeting the event from the crowd. He likes Tomohiro Ishii now, as if he wasn’t cool enough in the first place. But he’s not exclusively into puroresu, as we found out on Sunday night. WWE Payback was in his native Chicago, and he had a pretty sweet vantage point for some more live commentary.

1999 was a good year, but a lot has changed. If that Last Week Tonight video about the cicadas has taught us anything, it’s that going dark for 17 years makes for one hell of a culture shock when you tune back in. Or, as Hannibal more eloquently put it…

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I suppose. Anyway, Buress isn’t much of a Vaudevillains fan, but he’s got a lot of respect for how far The Miz has come since his reality TV days.

If you ever need a laugh in your life, just remember that a five-time Intercontinental Champion learned to check his racial privilege because MTV locked him in a house with strangers. I feel like we do our fair share of dragging The Miz here, but never let it be said that he hasn’t had one heck of an interesting life. In other news that I hope and pray is real, Buress let some information loose during Chris Jericho’s match with Dean Ambrose.

Um, yes please. The fourth season of The Eric Andre Show is already confirmed by Andre himself, so whenever Adult Swim decides to pull the trigger on that, I’m more than ready. I want Kraft Punk to eat a Codebreaker or something equally ridiculous.