Check Out Texans Strength Coach Sean Hayes’ Perfect Macho Man Impression From ‘Hard Knocks’

The new season of HBO’s Hard Knocks will surely feature a lot of great moments, but none as relevant to the wrestling portal for UPROXX as this one. Watch in slim, jimmed wonder as Houston Texans strength coach Sean Hayes — not the guy from Will & Grace, before you ask — busts out a spot-on impression of the late, great WWE Hall of Famer Macho Man Randy Savage.

The world is full of Macho Man impressions, many of them horrible, so as a wrestling fan I appreciate Hayes eschewing the traditional “ooh yeah, dig it, snap into a Slim Jim” voice and actually attempting to adopt Savage’s regular promo cadence. It’s basically just gravelly whispered threats and saying “yeah” whenever you pause, but it’s underrated. Also, thank God it wasn’t a Hulk Hogan impression.

Now let’s see if Sean Hayes has a brother that can write poems on the backs of frisbees and throw them into the crowd before Texans games.