Harvard Business School Is Offering A WWE Case Study For The Ivy League Wrestling Fan

06.18.19 4 weeks ago

WWE Network


Up until now, the only connection between professional wrestling and Harvard University had been the short-lived career of Tough Enough runner up Christopher Nowinski, aka “Chris Harvard.” That all changes with the introduction of a World Wrestling Entertainment case study as part of the business school’s fall offerings, for which Chris Harvard will probably not be consulted.

The case study is being offered as part of Anita Elberse’s course, “The Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports,” and plans to focus on WWE’s success in sports and entertainment. You can also do a course study on The Rock, apparently, if you want to double up. Triple H, as you’d imagine, is thrilled.

You can read about the course below. And before you scroll down, yes, Professor Elberse, I am available to visit your class this September and talk to them about the great all-around business decision of Goldberg vs. Undertaker in Saudi Arabia.

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