WWE Superstar Heath Slater Got Trapped In An Airplane Bathroom

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It’s no secret at all that Heath Slater is one of our very favorite people here at With Spandex. While he doesn’t currently have a whole lot going on on WWE television at the moment other than getting beaten up by Kane and waiting for the 3MB reunion we all so desperately want to happen one day, he still has kids and desperately needs this job.

Life on the road as a WWE Superstar of Heath’s stature is a long haul, and sometimes some frustrating things can happen. While he’s no longer part of the Social Outcasts (RIP), he does still tend to travel with Curtis Axel. That’s an extremely good thing for us, the pro wrestling fans, because that means Axel was on hand to document via Instagram video when Slater got himself trapped in an airplane lavatory. Axel was also kind enough to provide extremely unhelpful running commentary during the predicament.

Don’t worry, everyone; Slater eventually got out of the bathroom. The only thing wrong with the video is that it doesn’t provide a satisfying conclusion, but that’s okay, too. The way the video loops allows you to believe that Slater is struggling to get out of that bathroom and Axel is just goofing on him for eternity.

Apologies to everyone whose greatest fear is being stuck in an airplane restroom, but this is a good reminder that even WWE Superstars can get humiliated from time to time, too. And not just when they have to wrestle in their hometown.

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