Here Are All The Best Reactions To Kevin Owens’ Victory At Elimination Chamber

In case you missed it, NXT Champion Kevin Owens had his first main-roster WWE match at Elimination Chamber and pinned John Cena with a pop-up powerbomb, clean as a whistle. It’s one of those WWE moments that makes you feel like anything is possible, at least until they announce the rematch at Money in the Bank.

Still, though, it was a monumental victory, and Steen’s friends, peers and fans reacted accordingly.

Longtime Steen/Owens detractor Jim Cornette weighed in, and the responses from people in the know were perfect:

NXT itself let Owens know it was watching:

And then, of course, there were the sad faces in the crowd. Nobody does disappointed wrestling fan reactions like WWE.

Fight, Owens. Fight.