Here’s A Canadian Destroyer Off A Roof Through Four Tables, Because Backyard Wrestling Is The Worst

Pro wrestler/porn star Buff Bagwell made national news earlier this year by doing a Canadian Destroyer while being Buff Bagwell. The above video is two people who are not Buff Bagwell doing a Canadian Destroyer off the roof of a shack through four tables. The best they’re gonna get is a snarky wrestling blog typing, “you are idiots” and meaning it.

A couple of notes:

– If your wrestling venue is outdoors, surrounded by woods and heavily features a dilapidated shack, you’re doing it wrong.
– If we’re kayfabing it, why not just push the guy off the roof? If you could hold him between your legs long enough to ask the crowd a bunch of SHOULD I DO IT questions, you could’ve just shoved him off to his death and won the match. Just saying.
– That half-hearted “holy shit” chant is not worth holding someone’s waist while they blindly backflip off the roof of a building.

Up next, a couple of guys wander into an abandoned slaughterhouse and start throwing Shining Wizards.

h/t to Reddit