Here’s Dixie Carter’s Long-Winded Rant On The Future Of TNA Wrestling And Their Upcoming TV Deal

The future of TNA Wrestling is up in the air.

New episodes of Impact taped for Spike TV are running out. There’s a plan to run Best Of specials through the end of the year. Nobody’s talking. Talent is upset at the lack of communication. Some are being told Spike TV might renew in 2015 and bring the show back. Others are saying Destination America is the frontrunner, which would make Impact available in 60 million homes. With Lucha Underground gaining steam, Ring of Honor getting a toy deal, independent promotions like Chikara and PWG selling out shows and whatever it is Global Force Wrestling’s doing looming in the background, what’s in store for TNA? Anything?

Last night, Dixie Carter finally broke her silence. In a long-winded, passionate soliloquy on Twitter, the TNA President laid down the facts, slamming detractors for their criticisms and announcing several new, exciting, important steps in assuring the promotion’s future as the #2 — and eventually #1 — destination for pro wrestling in the United States.

Here is the rant in its entirety:


Wait, is that really it?

All right, well, “soon.” You will find out about the future of TNA on TV SOON. Possibly in the form of a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT. At least now the talent can rest a little easier, right?

I guess Bullet Club’s about to get 30 new members.