Here’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Shilling WWF RAGE Pagers In 1999

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.02.15 14 Comments

Before Dwayne Johnson was the most beloved man in the world, he was a weird-looking guy in a turtleneck and a fanny pack. You’d think a guy who spent most of his prime wrestling years wearing billowy lion-print dress shirts, white slacks and sunglasses indoors would eventually run out of embarrassing photos, but nope, The Rock is the gift that keeps on giving.

The latest comes from an old issue of WWF Magazine (RIP), unearthed by the fine people at @WWFMagArchive. Did you know that if you attended a WWF live event on their WWF WRESTLEMANIA RAGE ROAD RAGE TOUR or purchased a WWF home video from Sam Goody or Suncoast or other ancient Aztec ruins in 1999 that you could receive a gift certificate — dear God, how 1990s is this? — for a free Motorola Worldline FLX pager? It comes with free activation, you guys.

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