Here’s John Cena Wearing Wrestling Gear For The First Time In A Decade And It Getting Him Laid

When John Cena debuted on Smackdown as “the rookie with Ruthless Aggression™,” he wrestled in little bicycle shorts with colors that coordinated with whatever town he was in’s local sports team. When he turned heel, the shorts became the color of that city’s team’s rivals. Eventually he started rapping and switched to baggy jean shorts, and we’ve been in some form of that ever since. He’s undoubtably the most popular and successful wrestle in regular clothes.

On an upcoming episode of ‘Total Divas,’ John breaks out actual wrestling gear for the first time in like 10 years. If you need proof that Cena’s living a charmed life, he makes a model want to have sex with him by wearing an AC Slater singlet and doing goofy squats in an American Eagle mask. It’s one of those clips that makes you wish WWE TV John Cena was just Total Divas John Cena, and not an 8-year old in Superman’s body.

Infinite cool points if this is what Cena wears to face Rusev at WrestleMania.

h/t to Reddit