Here’s Jon Gruden Predicting Andre The Giant Invitational Winners And Doing A Hilarious Titus O’Neil Impression

03.24.15 3 years ago 9 Comments

Remember how great the Andre Invitational Battle Royal was last year? Well, this year isn’t that. This year’s match, much like all of WrestleMania 31, is leaving a lot to be desired and it’s really hard to care about. WWE probably sensed this and asked Jon Gruden to give the match the final push it needed to become interesting.

Let’s get to the meat of the video, here: Jon Gruden’s analysis of Titus O’Neil is worth the price of admission. First Gruden accurately names the Omega bark then he impersonates it. By “impersonates it” I mean, “butchers it beyond repair.” Jesus, this is comedy.

While we’re here, I’ll go ahead and say that I wish Curtis Axel’s gimmick was that he never goes over the top rope in any of his matches and even when he loses he celebrates that he’s still in the Rumble. But what do I know?


gruden bark

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