Here’s Jon Stewart Congratulating Seth Rollins For Winning The WWE Title

After a week off, The Daily Show returned to address one serious, very important issue that happened while they were off. You know, the one literally everyone has been buzzing about? How does Jon Stewart feel about Seth Rollins winning the WWE Championship?

Stewart opened the show by congratulating his nemesis on cashing in his Money in the Bank contract (thus inserting himself into a match he was not intended to be a part of) and walking out of WrestleMania as champion. Stewart also mentioned, I dunno… some other thing that may have seen some chatter, but he and Rollins have a history of getting in each other’s personal spaces, and by that, I mean that Stewart nailed him right in the Seths once on national television.

Hey, he correctly identified the important thing that happened last week, so why wouldn’t we?