Here’s The Grossest Wrestling Injury You’ll See Today

I know, it’s after lunch and maybe not the best time to make you look at a dude with his head split wide open, but look at this dude with his head split wide open.

Here’s a bit of backstory for context, and also a bit of a scrolling buffer for those of you who entered this post somehow thinking you wouldn’t see the meaty bits around a wrestler’s skull:

Reed Bentley is a popular Kentucky independent wrestler who that day was wrestling for IWA Mid-South. You might remember them from getting all cry-faced over Ace Perry asking Amanda — his biggest fan — to prom. This show wasn’t as sweet, and I guarantee these pictures aren’t anywhere near as adorable.

In Bentley’s own words:

It was all so nuts. I’ve watched the footage back, and it looks like the most regular of chair shots. It looks like it comes open in the swing possibly which is why I believe it clipped me. Not at all Mason [Cutter, of tag-team The Hooligans] or mine or anyone’s fault. Just one of the breaks of what we do. I knew I was f*cked before I hit the ground because the bood was pouring out like someone squeezing a ketchup bottle. Taxicab James [Amanda’s father], has been going to IW Mid-Suth shows for 19 years, and even he freaked out.

A security guy and Ian [Rotten, the promoter] immediately met me as I was crawling to the back, yelled for ice, and got me to the locker room. I tried to make sure that they all weren’t just selling the shot as way worse than it was. On the fly you realize how sick something may have looked and you gotta milk it. I quietly asked if it was as bad as they wee making it out to be, and he said “Oh yeah, buddy.”

Bentley went on to tell me that he was pretty much good throughout the ordeal. He didn’t lose consciousness, he wasn’t in pain, and everything clotted quickly, so the bleeding was under control. He did, however, have to wait three hours to get a bed. The end results were 41 stitches and a five-inch gash across the top of his head. His only worry through the whole thing?

“I told fans I was gonna be okay, but to please not post anything on Facebook or tag me in any photos because I didn’t want my mom to find out.” He laughs, “23 years old, scalp split open, but I’m trying not to ruin my mom’s night.”


If you made it this far, don’t send this to Mama Bentley. He’ll be out of commission for a while, so maybe buy a shirt from the guy. We obviously wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he NEVER DOES THIS AGAIN EVER.