Here’s The Gruesome Neck Scar From Tyson Kidd’s Spinal-Fusion Surgery

FACT: WWE tag-team ace and cat enthusiast Tyson Kidd had spinal-fusion surgery to repair an injured neck, and will reportedly be out for around 14 months.

FACT: The surgery went well, and everyone from Kidd’s tag-team partner Cesaro to The Rock is wishing him a speedy recovery. Cesaro even wore a “Kidd” armband as a show of solidarity on Monday’s episode of Raw.

FACT: Spinal-fusion surgery leaves a gnarly scar. The following image from Kidd’s Twitter is not for the especially squeamish:

FACT: I do not ever want to have spinal-fusion surgery.

FACT: Worst-case scenario, Kidd’s got a great Marcellus Wallace gimmick waiting for him when he returns.