Here’s The List Of Former WWE Stars Rumored To Make Surprise Returns In The Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is almost upon us, so that means it’s time to speculate about the “surprise” returns we might be seeing during the Rumble match itself. Thankfully, Kevin Nash already showed up last week, so friggin’ Diesel can’t be the big surprise guy for the third or fourth year in a row. Currently there are five names making the rounds as Royal Rumble possibilities…

Bully Ray and Devon have reportedly been in some kind of talks with WWE. The word is the company wants them to work as trainers and/or in some kind of backstage capacity, but they could always throw them into the Royal Rumble for the ol’ nostalgia pop.

– Bo Dallas is ready to come back from injury.

– Rob Van Dam has recently signed up for another short-term contract. A sick part of me wants them to leave Daniel Bryan out of the Rumble again, make Rob #30 and see if he makes it out of the arena alive.

– Finally, there’s talk that Diamond Dallas Page might be in the match. There’s a number of reasons it might not happen, but I hope it does. It would certainly be nice if the guy who saved the lives of some of WWE’s worst cautionary examples got at least one non-terrible moment in the company.

Not the worst line-up of surprise entrants ever – at the very least, they shouldn’t have to put all the announcers in the ring this year. Who do you folks hope pops up in this year’s match?

via Wrestling Inc. & EwrestlingNews