Here’s The Official ‘Suplex City, B*tch’ Music Video, Because It Had To Happen

You’ve shared all the SUPLEX CITY, B*TCH memes since WrestleMania 31, and now Brock Lesnar’s latest hilarious yelling has reached its natural conclusion: a full, high-quality ‘Suplex City’ remix.

You might’ve seen other, inferior versions on Facebook, but this one is Paul Heyman-approved. You’ve got to love Heyman’s understanding of Lesnar, and how close he is to turning Brock into a living viral video. Just have Brock exist somewhere, then spend the next two weeks going, “oh my God, did you see Brock Lesnar exist? Oh my God.”

All we need now is the ‘It Can’t Reigns All The Time’ remix and our WrestleMania experience will be complete.