Today’s Best Wrestling Clip: TNA’s Rockstar Spud On The British Reality Show ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid.’

Snog, Marry, Avoid is a British reality series wherein P.O.D., a computer that “only recognizes natural beauty” performs make-unders on “slap-addicted” women and the occasional over-the-top dude.

[POD] conducts a public analysis to ask the public whether they would snog, marry or avoid the participant, as well as another random question which offers those questioned another chance to praise or criticise. After the questions it allows the person to choose their style based on a celebrity and dresses them accordingly. It sometimes orders the person to do a ‘deep cleanse’ where they have to take off all of their make-up. After the transformation POD will ask the public what they think of the person. The person is then re-introduced to their partner or relative outside the TV studio and their reaction is recorded, generally a positive one towards the more natural look. – Wikipedia

The show is shallow, reinforces dangerous beauty stereotypes, and often features brutal criticism that can get really sad to see. And I should know, I mainlined the first three seasons during one hellishly boring overnight call-centre job a few years ago.

What I missed by getting a better job and not watching Season 4 was the downright delightful and charming appearance of our very favourite diminutive Impact Wrestling Superstar, Rockstar Spud.

One highlight is Callum, the bass player, revealing that Spud is jealous of the height of his hair, and will get out a ruler to measure. Other highlights include Spud saying the words “sexual zebra,” and also this whole video oh my god. I am so #WithSpud.