Here’s What Happens When You Film A Wrestling Match Like A Movie Fight Scene

Ever wonder what would happen if those Lucha Underground wrestler vignettes expanded into entire matches? Well, Weekend Warriors is attempting to find out. Via their YouTube page:

Weekend Warriors is a scripted weekly web series that aims to reinvent professional wrestling by infusing it with a realistic backdrop that makes characters more relatable and ridiculous at the same time.

Monday – Friday, our characters struggle to deal with the challenges that come with everyday life. Once the weekend hits, they release their frustrations out on one another.

Each episode will feature two characters and revolve around an altercation that happened between them during the week.

The above clip features Impact Wrestling’s ‘(Sometimes American) Wolf’ Davey Richards, and Ring of Honor’s ‘Uncle Who’s Only Racist When He’s Drunk’ Silas Young. I’m not sure if I enjoy how inorganic the whole thing feels, especially since that disengaged me more than it was supposed to, but the slow-motion backbreaker looks super rad.

So what do you guys think? Does this elevate the medium into different product you’d be interested in seeing more of, or does the style and completely remove that suspension of disbelief?