Here’s Why Stephanie McMahon May Be Scarce On WWE TV For The Next Month

04.08.15 4 years ago 26 Comments

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were no-shows on this week’s Raw, with the explanation being that they were enjoying a vacation on Richard Branson’s private South Pacific island or some such. Well, there’s strong speculation that Stephanie may be extending her little vacation.

Last October, Steph was honored with a 2015 Eisenhower Fellowship. Basically, the Eisenhower Fellowship program takes professionals from various fields at the height of their careers and tries to enrich their worldview and leadership skills. A big part of the Fellowship is the Multi Nations Program, which brings various international Fellows to the U.S. and sends American Fellows on a four to five week world tour.

It’s not known for sure if Steph has embarked on this world tour, but an Eisenhower Fellowship is not the kind of thing you can just blow off. The 2015 Multi Nations Program began this week, so the timing of Steph’s disappearance from TV lines up.

Of course, they could try to have Steph fly back to the States mid-tour to do Raw, or do satellite interviews, but she probably won’t be doing a lot of in-ring slappin’ and firing for the next few weeks. I’m pretty okay with that. Yes, Steph is great, but absence makes the heart grow stronger and all that, and there hasn’t been an absence of Stephanie in a long time.

I take it back. I’m going to miss her so bad.

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