Here’s Why You Can Thank A.J. Lee For Naomi’s Heel Turn

On the last edition of Monday Night Raw, Naomi attacked Paige on her home turf, repeatedly slamming her in to the barricade. Paige is now out indefinitely with “internal injuries,” while Naomi complains that she’s beaten the current champ twice, has yet to receive a title shot, and that women’s battle royals are basically bullsh*t. In other news, Naomi is the latest heel to just say the stuff that I say and might also be my new favorite wrestler.

According to the Wrestling Observer, none of it was supposed to go down that way. A heel turn was planned for A.J. before she decided to merrily skip out of WWE; her and Paige were nice to each other for about two minutes, and as we’re constantly reminded on WWE television, all women hate each other. FACT.

With A.J. gone and Paige needing a reason to go film a movie/tend to her broken guts or whatever, WWE actually did something that made sense for once. Not only were they referential to their past (anathema in televised pro wrestling), they have given us this wonderful gift in sassy, pissed off, logical Naomi. It’s rumored that Naomi was supposed to turn heel anyway, but in that storyline, she was going to turn on her husband and join up with what The Miz and Mizdow have going on.

… Yeah. This is way better.