Here’s WWE BABIES, Today’s Best 90 Seconds Of Crying Children Dressed Like Dean Ambrose

In case you ever wondered what it’d look like if Anne Geddes lived in her parents’ basement and watched too much professional wrestling, here are the WWE BABIES, a bunch of infants dressed like pro wrestlers of WWE. Consider it a “Beat The Biological Clock Challenge.”

It’s cute, sure, but the best part is how wonderfully half-assed the entire thing is. “This baby’s wearing a hat, she’s Nikki Bella.” “It’s Stardust because we hung a planet mobile in the background.” They just hold a microphone near a baby and call it The Rock, and John Cena’s just a crying child in camo shorts. I want them to take a second go at this and really put some effort into it. What, you can’t even put a Jimmy John’s logo on baby Brock Lesnar’s pants?

Dean Ambrose kid is pretty amazing, though.