Hey Yo: The nWo Is Definitely Having A Reunion At RAW On Monday Maybe

If you caught RAW last night, then you may have noticed WWE promoting a big Hulk Hogan birthday celebration with “special guests.” I was just assuming we’d get Brutus Beefcake but it looks like WWE has bigger plans if you tend to believe things that Scott Hall tweets.

Hey now. This could be interesting. I wonder if this means we’re going to get the original three or if we’ll have all the nWo members ever show up every few minutes Royal Rumble style with Big Show walking in and out of the ring in between commercial breaks. Personally, I’m more worried about HHH’s friends showing up this close to Summerslam. I’m not saying that it’s definite, but don’t be surprised if Summerslam ends with X-Pac Bronco Busting Brock Lesnar into submission and winning the title. Anything is possible in the WWE.

Ooh, another fantasy booking thing: have Sting show up and murder everyone using Nick Patrick as his baseball bat. Starrcade ’97 is still too real for me. I’m sorry.